Dear Friends,

"HELLO!" I'm Trishann Domnic from Saudi Arabia. I was born & brought up in B'lore for sometime before I moved over to Saudi. My G'parents, parents, uncles & aunts are natives of this Wonderful place "MANAPAD". I've been to this place as a baby so I can't really remember much..........

As I grew I didn't really think much of this lil village.Just thought of it as a small place where my grand-parents grew up & where they had a nice big home close to the sea.

But after hearing so much about the Holy Cross Church  {written by my great grand father},article on Fr.Esuebius{my grand father}, other articles like "The latest look at Manapad" etc.I really feel proud & lucky that I'm a part of this Wondeful Blessed land too.

Dear friends I just thought I'll tell u how very interesting it is to know about the place where u really belong to. May be like me, u too can ask u'r parents or grand - parents to help u to read and understand the many articles written here.  The pictures too are great to see.  If possible try to make a trip to this "Our Very Own Holy Land",   I'm sure it will be worth the trouble.

Beleive me, after reading all about Manapad , it will certainly make a difference to the way u feel & think about this little coastal village.

Grand - daughter of Cruz Edmond Vaiz & Jeyaseeli Miranda

& Santiago Arul Dass & Violet Selva Mary.