par boiled rice 2 cups
toor dhal 1/2 cup
bengal gram dhal 1/2 cup
black gram dhal 1/4 cup
red chillies 8  
cumin seeds 1 tsp
cut coriander leaves and curry leaves 1 tsp
salt as reqd  
oil as reqd  
1.soak rice and dhal together for 2 to 3 hours    
2.grind it along with red chillies till fine rawa consistency    
3.mix with other ingredients    
4.heat a dosa tawa and spread little batter using laddle into thick circular adai    
5.add a teaspoon of oil around the adai    
6.serve hot with coconut chutney    
generally Adai batter is not fermented    


bombay rawa 2 cups
water 4 cups
onions 2 large
green chillies 6  
mustard seeds 1 tsp
black gram dhal 1 tsp
curry leaves    
grated coconuts 1/4 cup
oil or ghee 5 tsp
1.fry rawa till it is brown without adding oil    
2.heat a deep curved pan with oil or ghee    
3.add seasonings, chillies and onion    
4.fry till onions become transluscent    
5.add rawa and fry in medium flame for 2 minutes    
6.pour boiling water and stir in reduced flame. when moisture is absorbed and uppuma is cooked remove from fire    
7.granish with grated coconut    


raw rice flour 2 cup
water as rqd  
salt to taste  
1.slightly fry the rice flour    
2.mix salt and flour together in a mixing bowl    
3.heat water in a heavy bottom vessel. When it starts bubbling, reduce the flame    
4.sprinkle water gradually and knead to a smooth dough    
5.put it in greased idyyappam maker    
6.place it on greased idli plates &steam it    
7.serve hot with coconut milk or chicken curry    


raw rice 2 cups
coconut milk 1 cup
cooking soda 1/4 tsp
grated coconut 1 tsp
cooked rice 1 tsp
1.soak rice for 2 hours    
2.grind both rice and grated coconut to smooth paste    
3.mix rice with salt and allow to ferment till next day    
4.add coconut milk and soda to the fermented batter    
5.mix well and pour in paniyaram pan    
6.serve hot with the coconut milk or masi sambal    
7.if you need egg aappam mix 1 egg and 1/4 cup of sugar with this flour    
If aappam pan is not available use curved nonstick pan    


raw rice or samba rice flour 2 cups
grated coconut 1 cup
salt to taste  
1.mix flour and salt in a bowl    
2.sprinkle water and gather flour gradually    
3.when you hold the flour it should stay together when you leave the flour it should go loose and separate    
4.take the pittu kuzhal. First put some grated coconut then put some flour, repeat this till it gets filled.    
5.serve hot with coconut milk and sugar    
If the pittu kuzal is not available use the idli plate and steam it.    
If necessary sprinkle little water while kneading    


par boiled rice 4 cups
black gram dhal 1 cup
rock salt to taste  
1.soak dhal and rice separately for 3 hours    
2.grind dhal till smooth forthy    
3.grind rice to fine rawa consistency    
4.before removing from grinder mix salt and grind dhal to the mixture well    
5.grind the batter previous day itself so that the batter is fermented for atleast 15 to 20 hours    
6.next day morning mix the batter well and pour is gresed idli plates and steam for 10 minutes    
In few place dhal alone is ground and it is mixed with "idli rawa", in that case use little more dhal and 2 tsp of cooked rice.    


raw rice 5 cups
black gram dhal 1 cup
1.soak rice and dhal separately for 3 hours    
2.grind to smooth paste with enough water    
3.add salt just before taking out from grinder    
4.next day morning mix well and dilute the dough if necessary with water    
5.heat the dosa tawa and pour a ladle full of dough in the center    
6.spread in a circular motion add a teaspoon of oil        
7.when one side is cooked flip over to the other side    
8.serve with coconut chutney or sambar    

Background courtesy of The Background Boutique.