Help Renovate St.Joseph’s

School experience always remains indelible in one’s mind. Old friends, unforgettable schoolmates, those iconic teachers and memorable class rooms. If you had been to St.Joseph’s in Manapad, yours could be an extraordinary experience.

You simply cannot put aside your memories of the great edifice, long magnificent corridors, tall doors and gleaming windows, not to mention its great teaching staff. For decades, these factors stood solid to elevate the school to its place to be among the best in the area. People are still heard proudly attaching allegiance to the school.

But nothing remains unchanged in the ravage of time. This edifice no longer looks solid, neither the corridors magnificent nor windows gleaming. Like an old mother becoming weak and fragile upon passage of time, the buildings have become old and dilapidated after having provided a roof for the education of generations for over 70 years. Its structures have become weak, its roofs leaking and windows and doors worn out. On the whole the buildings are slowly crumbling.

Please click here to see a few images of the present condition of the school.

The gleam might have been lost. But not hope. The future generations need this school. Like you and me, they also need a glorious school to play the committed guardian in their education.

Efforts are being taken by the Correspondent of the school, Rev. Fr. Theopilus to repair and renovate the school. The school requires structural reinforcement in some buildings, relaying of some roofs, plastering, painting and complete repairing of the wooden windows and doors. If we do not act now, it would be too late for this iconic school to be saved.

This is an appeal to those people whose hearts go out to St.Joseph’s. We need your much valued patronage in this noble effort to rebuild the school. Kindly help renovate this legacy. Your contributions in any form will go a long way in helping the future generations earn their school back and their education. Please pause for a moment and think!

For contributions and further details, contact:

Rev. Fr. Theopilus
St.Joseph’s Hr.Sec. School
Pin - 628 209
Tuticorin Dist.
Ph:04639 226224
Bank Detail
Correspondent Account Details are given below:

Account no 776215049
Indian Bank.
There is an effort by the Correspondent to launch an old Student (Alumni) Association. And there is also a meeting of old students, scheduled during June 2011 in the School. Contact  Rev. Fr. Theopilus, Correspondent to enroll.